educate. train. develop.

Current program offerings

  • K-2nd Grade Boys:
    • Flag Football – Spring and Fall
  • 3rd/4th Grade Boys:
    • Tackle Football – Spring and Fall
    • Basketball – Winter
  • 5th/6th Grade Boys
    • Tackle Football – Spring and Fall
    • Basketball – Winter
  • K-6th Grade Girls:
    • Cheerleading – Fall and Winter 
  • K-8th Grade Boys and Girls:
    • Business mentorship/career exploration – Quarterly

More information on upcoming seasons and how to register

Educate – we express our first core value by partnering with local area schools to encourage students to enroll in afterschool tutoring offered before each practice, to achieve competence in reading, writing, science or math. Tutors from all over Shelby County assist with academic tutoring to help students who are struggling to stay at grade level. It has been shown that student-athletes engaged in positive sports experiences are likely to respond well to academic tutoring, and we partner with Literacy Mid-south and Book Nook to help with literacy, fluency and phonics)

Train – we express our second core value to promote healthy living by providing nutritional counseling and coaching athletes to increase productivity and training results. Youth athletes do not have the strength, endurance, or stability in their muscles and joints to efficiently perform many sports skills. Our training for student-athletes supports optimal mobility, stability, coordination, strength, and movement efficiency. We support exercise as an integral part of all elite athlete’s daily routines to gradually build strength and endurance, improve skill, and build motivation, ambition and confidence.

Develop – we express our third core value by intentionally filling spiritual and mental gaps within the community. We seek to enrich the mind by challenging students to learn new things and think critically. Our mentoring programs exposes our student-athletes to various career path opportunities, builds character through expression of Christian values, and helps them work towards mastery of feeling competent and confident in their identity.