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Current program offerings

  • K-2nd Grade Boys:
    • Flag Football – Spring and Fall
  • 3rd/4th Grade Boys:
    • Tackle Football – Spring and Fall
    • Basketball – Winter
  • 5th/6th Grade Boys
    • Tackle Football – Spring and Fall
    • Basketball – Winter
  • K-6th Grade Girls:
    • Cheerleading – Fall and Winter 
  • K-8th Grade Boys and Girls:
    • Business mentorship/career exploration – Quarterly

More information on upcoming seasons and how to register


We offer a Tutoring Program that helps educate our student-athletes and helps them in reaching academic goals in one or more specific areas like reading, writing, science or math.

We are currently partnered with Book Nook, a program that helps children learn to read, write, create, dream and grow. The program introduces  children to the wonder of books and reading while building a strong foundation for their future success.


Our Athletics Program promotes healthy living and properly teach athletes how to produce at the next level.

Our unique programs target youth grades K-6 through the sports of football, basketball and cheerleading.


The Mentorship Program is our way of seeking to enrich the mind by challenging students to learn new things and think critically. The mentoring program exposes students to alternate career paths and character building through Christian values by having business leaders come into the classrooms and sharing their experiences. This program takes place quarterly – students are exposed to a particular field or industry once a quarter for grades K-8th.

The Religious Education curriculum at SWO helps our student-athletes walk in their faith and connect to Christ on a spiritual level. Every week the curriculum, an interactive system of instruction and learning with specific goals, contents and strategies, goes over a scripture of the week, sacred writings of Christianity and words of wisdom contained in the Bible.