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South Side Wildcats Signing Day

Relive the excitement and unity of the South Side Wildcat Signing Day & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!  Our student-athletes kicked off the season with passion, signing the player covenant and proudly celebrating our membership to the Greater Memphis Chamber. Press play to commerarate this unforgettable event filled with dedication, community spirit, and the promise of greatness.

South Side Wildcats Field Day

Experience the energy and camaraderie of the South Side Wildcat Field Day! Our student-athletes came together during the off-season for a day of fundraising, community building, and celebration in the heart of Memphis. Join us in reliving the highlights of this signature event filled with fun, teamwork, and a strong sense of pride in our organization.

South Side Wildcats Sneaker Ball Banquet

Step into the magic of the South Side Sneaker Ball Banquet! Our student-athletes dazzled on and off the field as we celebrated their academic, athletic, and personal growth at this epic event. Press play to experience the highlights of this unforgettable evening, filled with joy, pride, and appreciation for our incredible stakeholders and supporters.